The True Meaning Behind “The Fool” Tarot Card

When someone mentions tarot cards, our minds naturally think of an old lady dressed in a gothic gown with a mysterious personality working her magic to tell us what future holds for us. However, this image is not entirely false; the history of reading tarot cards is far more complicated than that. Tarot card is an entire field of study and a well-read tarot card reader can actually give you hints about your future. But there is one card which is even more mysterious than the lady in your head, the love tarot will lead you to her through other cards.


It is the fool card also known as a jester. The fool is either used as the first card on the deck or the last one. Historically, the fool has been associated with the image of a madman. However in tarot card reading, it mostly represents a new beginning in your life. It also represents innocence in some cases. You are lucky if you get a fool in your tarot card reading because it might mean that you are about to face some significant changes which might bring happiness in your life. It is a sing of opportunities that are waiting for you.

When you get fool in while reading online tarot, you should expect a whirlwind of new things coming your way. After that, you control how you use your opportunities and make the best of them. If you are reading tarot card online then it is important that you know the meaning of what they mean as well. The fool has been a complicated sign for most people to understand because mostly it doesn’t have a number assigned to it. It is hard to place its importance in a deck.

But don’t worry if fool shows up while reading tarot cards online because you are about to get lucky. It might even be love tarot for you. Maybe you are about to meet someone who is about to change your life and bring the new changes which fool tarot predicts. We often hear the phrase ‘foolishly in love’ too. Maybe you will meet someone who will make you fall foolishly in love as well.


The fool is associated with truth and innocence in the past. Writers used fool as a device to reveal the truth or speak honestly about a situation because he was shown as an innocent person. This is precisely what fool signifies in tarot cards as well. It softly tells you that you have a life full of adventures waiting for you. You must be ready to take those opportunities and make the best of them.

Fool tarot is a step ahead in your life. You might change as a person afterwards or welcome things which you never expected in your life. A fool might be confusing but it is good news for you. If fool tarot shows up in health concerns then it is time for you to make some choices related to your life choices that affect your health. It also marks prosperity in life and abundance of wealth so you should enjoy whenever your tarot reading shows you the fool. Visit our website to know more in details.